Teaching Children How to Respond to Kids with Birthmarks


Every year, thousands of children, estimated to be one in 10, are born with facial birthmarks or differences known as vascular birthmarks. The majority are not cancerous and do not require surgical treatment. However, there are some vascular birthmarks that can threaten vision, compromise breathing, and disfigure facial features. In these cases, the care of a specialist is required. (more…)


Parents are always concerned when something abnormal affects their children. The occurrence of an infant hemangioma is often enough to unsettle even the most well-grounded adults, but the presence of multiple lesions is often overwhelming. Hemangiomatosis is defined as multiple hemangiomas (typically five or more). These lesions may occur anywhere on the skin or mucous membranes, and often involve visceral organs including the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain. There is no known cause of hemangiomatosis, and treatment will vary depending on the type of lesions that appear and proliferate. (more…)

Lymphatic Malformations

New York NY Vascular Birthmark DoctorsLymphatic malformations are a rare, non-malignant development that are usually apparent at birth or by two years of age. The lymphatic malformations are masses consisting of fluid-filled channels or spaces where the flow of lymph across a region are defective. When the channels or spaces in a region are unable to allow for proper flow, lymph will accumulate within the defective vessels and will present as a mass. These lymphatic malformations can occur on any area of the body (except the brain), but they are most commonly found at the head and neck. These masses can vary in shape and size, and they can potentially cause disfigurement of affected areas. (more…)

Port Wine Stains


New York NY Vascular Birthmark DoctorsPort wine stains have been a significant form of birthmarks for centuries. Less than 100 years ago, these birthmarks were less understood than they are now. As recently as World War II, those with visible birthmarks were treated as flawed and imperfect and were deemed less than a person with no visible marks. While society across the world has become more intelligent and civilized than under Hitler’s demonic regime, many people still face social issues as a direct result of a birthmark that is visible on the face. (more…)

Stork Bites


A stork bite is a common type of birthmark often seen in newborn babies. The medical term for this type of birthmark is nevus simplex, and another common reference to this birthmark is a “salmon patch.” All three terms are referring to the same type of birthmark in infants. Stork bites occur in about one out of every three infants. This common type of birthmark is not life-threatening and does not cause any harm to the body. While most stork bites go away on their own by a child’s third birthday, should they last longer they can be removed with a laser. (more…)