Port Wine Stains And Your Child


New York NY Doctors for Vascular MalformationsAs a type of birthmark resembling a maroon color, a Port Wine Stain can be anywhere on the body, but is mostly apparent on the face, neck, scalp, arms or legs, according to Kids Health. While it begins as a pinkish color at birth, it often becomes darker and more prominent with age, and may change in texture as well. Generally, port wine stains are no big deal, and do not pose a serious health risk. Yet, depending on the location of the birthmark, as well as its color and size, it may cause children to become embarrassed or self-conscious. This is especially true when it is located on the face. Fortunately, lasers and surgical excisions have proved successful in lightening port wine stains and removing them in some cases. (more…)

Treating Pyogenic Granuloma

New York NY Doctors for Vascular Birthmark TreatmentsPyogenic granuloma, also called a lobular capillary hemangioma, is a fairly common benign skin lesion that can grow anywhere on the body. They are usually singular. Common places for them to form are on the lips, face, forearms, and fingers. The lesions are red, purple, or yellowish in color and are raised up from the skin like a blister. They erupt rapidly and grow quickly over the course of a few weeks. They often bleed easily.

There is no definitive cause of pyogenic granulomas, but they are sometimes associated with trauma, injuries, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and reaction to medication. Both children and adults can develop a pyogenic granuloma at any time, but they are more common in children and adolescents. (more…)

Venous Malformations


New York NY Birthmark and Malformation ExpertsThe most common type of vascular malformation is called a venous malformation and involves veins that develop abnormally and do not function properly. Venous malformations are present at birth but may not be obvious until they appear later. They grow larger over time as the child grows. This causes the veins to stretch and frequently swell and create pain. Venous malformations vary in size and are found anywhere in the body with the majority affecting the skin of the face, legs, or arms. Bones, joints, muscles, and mucous membranes are commonly impacted as well. (more…)

Teaching Children How to Respond to Kids with Birthmarks


Every year, thousands of children, estimated to be one in 10, are born with facial birthmarks or differences known as vascular birthmarks. The majority are not cancerous and do not require surgical treatment. However, there are some vascular birthmarks that can threaten vision, compromise breathing, and disfigure facial features. In these cases, the care of a specialist is required. (more…)


Parents are always concerned when something abnormal affects their children. The occurrence of an infant hemangioma is often enough to unsettle even the most well-grounded adults, but the presence of multiple lesions is often overwhelming. Hemangiomatosis is defined as multiple hemangiomas (typically five or more). These lesions may occur anywhere on the skin or mucous membranes, and often involve visceral organs including the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain. There is no known cause of hemangiomatosis, and treatment will vary depending on the type of lesions that appear and proliferate. (more…)