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New parents tend to notice any mark or discoloration on their new babies. This is likely due to so much time spent looking at and relishing in the miracle of a new birth. The specialists at the Vascular Birthmark Institute are often asked about small, pink marks that can be present at birth or appear a few days after birth.

Commonly found on the eyelids, forehead, upper lip or back of the neck, these spots are popularly called Angel Kisses or Stork Bites. Medically, they are known as Midline Venular Malformations. These birthmarks are quite common, appearing on approximately one third of all newborn children.

Diagnosing Midline Venular Malformations

Stork Bites or Angel Kisses are easily identified by most physicians by sight, and require no specialist diagnostic tools. They have no symptoms aside from being visible marks on the baby’s skin. In the overwhelming majority of cases, midline venular malformations fade over time until they completely disappear, usually by the age of three.

It should be noted that these marks that appear on the back of the neck seem more prone to remain and resist fading. No medical reasons can be given for this, but it has been documented in numerous cases. However, some Stork Bites on the neck do eventually disappear. Your baby’s physician can monitor these marks if desired, to keep tabs on their progressive fading.

Treatment for Midline Venular Malformations

When midline venular malformations resist fading, they still pose no problems, unless the mark is in an obvious location where aesthetics may be a concern. Children can be targeted for bullying or teasing over the slightest differences, and an Angel Kiss in a highly visible area can be just the trigger for such behavior.

This can impact the emotional and psychological well-being of your child, and cause them to perform poorly in school, shy away from relationships and otherwise damage their self-esteem. Most parents will choose to have a Stork Bite or Angel Kiss removed as their child grows older and it seems the offending mark will not fade away on its own.

Our specialists at the Vascular Birthmark Institute are compassionate toward parents and the concerns they have for their children’s emotional health and well-being. We can perform various types of laser therapy that can be used to fade midline venular malformations. The laser treatment is entirely safe and painless therapy that breaks down the pigmentation and fades the capillaries under the skin that form these marks.

Our vascular experts are highly trained and experienced in using laser therapies to treat various types of birthmarks. Your child may require several treatments over time to completely erase a Stork Bite. One of our specialists can explain more about the treatment protocol and what you and your child can expect during a confidential consultation at our office in New York City.

Our specialists are well-versed in dealing with children of all ages and explaining different treatment options for birthmarks. We can help put your child at ease about the laser treatments required, and otherwise help you both prepare for laser therapy.

Contact the Vascular Birthmark Institute if your child has a Stork Bite or Angel Kiss you wish to be removed, or if you have questions or concerns about other types of birthmarks.

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