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Hemangiomas and vascular malformations require specific care and treatment for successful outcomes. There are differing opinions about when care should be given and when intervention strategies should begin. Some doctors encourage parents to wait until their child is older, around the age of six or seven, before having their child’s hemangioma treated. While the basis of this suggestion is rooted in that the malformation will begin the process of involution by this time, that is still a very long time for the malformation to be present.

Dr. Milton Waner, M.D. BCh, FCS (SA), is the Director of the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Waner is a world renown doctor who not only has excellent academic credentials, but who also holds numerous US and international patents on medical devices. Dr. Waner’s expertise in the area of hemangiomas and vascular malformations is unsurpassed, and he has cared for patients from all over the world who come to the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York seeking out his expert medical opinion and treatment.

Dr. Waner understands the growth and involution process that occurs with hemangiomas. Dr. Waner and the team at the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York believe in early aggressive treatment of hemangiomas of the face or neck. This early intervention can prevent complications and avert years of reconstructive surgery. The younger a child is, the better s/he will heal. The body is designed with incredible healing properties, and young skin is far less likely to scar than the skin of an older child or adult. Secondly, a child with a disfiguration of the facial region will become aware of this abnormality sooner rather than later. Early intervention will help lessen the emotional effects of his or her disfigurement. It is also important to note that most hemangiomas will begin to involute by the age of nine months. Those that do not, will leave a considerable residuum and will very likely need corrective surgery. Dr. Waner likes to see very young babies who have any vascular abnormality of the facial region early to watch closely whether the involution process begins by nine months or does not begin. With an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Waner can provide the necessary intervention at the appropriate time. There is nothing to be gained by “waiting it out,” but there is a great deal to be lost.

The team at the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York believes that effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our mission is to provide world-class care, so please contact us today.

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