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All babies are born into this world with a pink hue, no matter what the ethnicity of the parents are, simply because of the manner in which birth presents itself. Whether vaginally delivered or delivered via Cesarean, babies experience pulling and tugging, and twisting that leaves their skin with a light to dark pinkish tinge. However, there are some babies that are born with a little more pink than others on certain parts of their bodies. While the majority of babies born with pink blotches are relatively harmless, it is always important for a doctor to look at spots that do not go away after a day or two following birth.

Midline venular malformations are flat, pink blotches that are commonly referred to as “stork bites” or “angel kisses.” Because of the traumatic nature of birth, most babies are not diagnosed with midline venular malformations until a few days after birth when their skin has adjusted to life outside the womb. Midline venular malformations are most commonly found on the back of the neck, upper eyelids, forehead, and eyebrows. In most cases, these malformations fade during the first year of life, leaving no sign or impact on a child’s life. However, there are certain, rare instances in which midline venular malformations will persist or darken over time. In many cases, these dark patches will be treated with laser treatments in order to help them fade and disappear.

Any type of vascular or venular malformation that has a negative impact on a person’s appearance should be evaluated by a doctor who has significant experience in effective treatment. While most doctors can diagnose a midline venular malformation simply by looking at it, it requires expert knowledge and specific training and experience to provide treatment. At The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York, Dr. Milton Waner, MD, BCh(Wits.), FCS(SA) leads the interdisciplinary team of specialists to provide patient-centered care. Teresa O, MD, MArch FACS, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hemangiomas and vascular lesions in all ages. She has the specialty of working with pediatrics in order to treat even the youngest patients.

Many parents choose not to worry about midline venular malformations on their children’s necks unless they keep darkening and pose embarrassment to the child. However, midline venular malformations that occur on the face and do not disappear within the first year are often brought to the attention of The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York. Together, our team works with patients and their parents to provide safe, effective treatment for a high quality of life.

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