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Vascular Malformations New York City, NY

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Vascular Malformations

Vascular Malformation Treatment New York NY

Every day, many children are born across the world with some type of birthmark. These birthmarks are called “vascular anomalies” and can vary in size, color, and shape. While many children will find that their birthmarks are simply minor flaws on their skin, some will have a birthmark that will require treatment. Vascular malformations are…

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Port Wine Stains

New York NY Port Wine Stain Removal Doctors

Almost everyone is born with a unique visible skin pigmentation called a birthmark. While most birthmarks are small, not easily noticeable, or easily hidden by clothes and/or personal styling, there are some types of birthmarks that are much more prominent and concerning. Port wine stains are one of these types of birthmarks that can cause…

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Infantile Hemangioma

New York NY Hemangioma Treatment

A hemangioma is a common birthmark that appears as a “strawberry” mark on an infant soon after birth. This birthmark continues to grow during the first year of life, and it then typically begins to recede over time. For many parents, infantile hemangiomas are a very concerning issue because of where they appear on the…

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Annual “Picnic in the Park” Event

Thank you to all our wonderful patients and participants – volunteers and friends for making the Picnic in the Park such an incredible event. 500 attended the event… an incredible turn-out for the very first one. I had the opportunity to listen and watch parents hug, cry and laugh together – children played together, and…

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