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Congenital Birthmarks

As small, round skin growths that are dark red in color, Pyogenic Granulomas generally manifest in children and young adults. Yet, hormonal changes in pregnant women may also cause them to develop along gum tissues as “pregnancy tumors.” Noncancerous in nature, these nodules begin as small lesions that become raised over the course of a few weeks. Most notably present on the hands, fingers, arms, face, neck, chest and back, pyogenic granulomas may also develop on the lips, eyelids, and genitals or inside of the mouth, according to Healthline.

The exact cause of pyogenic granulomas is up for debate. While they may occur following an injury in one case, they may develop after a bug bite or in response to hormonal changes in other cases. Medications have also been linked to the onset of these growths, specifically Crixivan, Accutane, Soriatane and some birth control pills. Even so, while their exact causes remain unknown, they are not harmful, nor painful. The most commonly reported complication from pyogenic granulomas is frequent bleeding, and this is due to a large number of blood vessels located on the growth.

Treatment And Removal

Generally speaking, if a pyogenic granuloma is small in size, doctors may opt to leave it alone, as they often go away on their own. Yet, if the lesion is larger, the doctor may shave it off and cauterize it. This non-invasive treatment consists of removing the growth and lightly burning the area where it was located so that it will not grow back. In other cases, particularly when non-invasive means have resulted in the growth returning, a more surgical approach is necessary, which involves removing the entire granuloma and stitching the wound. Again, depending on the characteristics of the growth, the doctor may opt to remove it with a laser.

The Vascular Birthmark Institute remains a trusted clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and management of all vascular birthmarks. When it comes to pyogenic granulomas, Dr. Milton Waner, MD, FCS (SA), is considered a world authority in these types of malformations with extensive knowledge and experience that puts individuals and families at ease. If you or a loved one has a pyogenic granuloma, and you would like to discuss treatment and removal, contact the Vascular Birthmark Institute in New York today.

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