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Infantile hemangiomas are benign vascular tumors that appear in approximately 7% of the population and appear during the first four to six weeks of life. Hemangiomas often cause a great deal of immediate concern to parents because of their deep red appearance and how fast they grow. Although most hemangiomas are not worrisome and will begin to fade away (involute) on their own over a few years, there is a small percentage of infantile hemangiomas that are significantly complex and will require the medical assistance of a specialist for treatment.

Segmental hemangiomas are one of the most complicated types of hemangiomas because they extend across a large anatomical region. This large region means that there are multiple blood vessels connected to the hemangioma, causing a higher risk for complications and are sometimes associated with developmental abnormalities. Segmental hemangiomas relate to the development of a fetus, which takes place segmentally. Because their involvement is more widespread, they behave differently in their growth patterns.

Dr. Milton Waner, MD, FCS(SA) leads The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York with a team of specialists who have dedicated their specialties to helping children of all ages find successful treatment from hemangiomas. Segmental hemangiomas require the most precise care and accurate diagnosis in order to achieve successful treatments. Dr. Waner has years of experience, and he has become a world-renown doctor for helping patients overcome the disfigurement of segmental hemangiomas.

If you have a child with a hemangioma, please contact The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York today. We are here to provide the most compassionate and the most precise treatment available anywhere in the world.

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