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Pyogenic granuloma, also called a lobular capillary hemangioma, is a fairly common benign skin lesion that can grow anywhere on the body. They are usually singular. Common places for them to form are on the lips, face, forearms, and fingers. The lesions are red, purple, or yellowish in color and are raised up from the skin like a blister. They erupt rapidly and grow quickly over the course of a few weeks. They often bleed easily.

There is no definitive cause of pyogenic granulomas, but they are sometimes associated with trauma, injuries, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and reaction to medication. Both children and adults can develop a pyogenic granuloma at any time, but they are more common in children and adolescents.

Pyogenic granulomas do not require treatment, but they are often removed for cosmetic purposes or because they can bleed profusely on contact. Rarely, a pyogenic granuloma may ulcerate and become infected. Treatment usually consists of simple excision and stitching with minimal scarring. The possibility for a recurrence is low.

The team of expert physicians believe that an accurate diagnosis is crucial to effective treatment. The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York is the best place to have a pyogenic granuloma diagnosed and treated. We specialize in all types of vascular skin lesions and anomalies. Dr. Waner is a renowned hemangioma and vascular tumor expert. Our practice is restricted to the care of very specific vascular conditions. We estimate that Dr. Waner has successfully performed the most surgeries in this field. If you or your child are looking for answers, we want to help. We strive to provide personalized management and treatment of every type of vascular birthmarks or malformation.

We are proud of the work we do at the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York. Nothing satisfies us more than helping families that are affected by vascular anomalies. We are uniquely designed to help you through a difficult diagnosis and treatment. Contact us today.

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