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Birthmarks develop and appear on many children for a variety of reasons. Some are immediately evident at birth, while others may appear days or even weeks later. Some birthmarks grow over time while others eventually fade away. Certain types of birthmarks can become problematic and require some form of treatment or even removal.

Knowing the facts about your child’s birthmark enables you to make the best decisions for his or her health. The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York has some of the most skilled and talented specialists in the world who can evaluate your child’s birthmark and provide information and recommendations for appropriate care.

A common question our physicians are asked by concerned parents is, “When should I consider surgery for my child’s birthmark?” Here are the main reasons for considering surgery for a birthmark.

Medical Concerns

Some types of birthmarks can present problems with the function of the body. It may cause restricted movement, excessive bleeding or impact an organ. For example, some hemangiomas can grow near the eye and affect vision or the operation of the eyelid. This medical concern would warrant a surgical removal of the offending birthmark and cosmetic procedures to repair the area.

Other birthmarks can grow in areas where an arm or leg could suffer restricted movement. This birthmark may require surgical alteration or removal to allow for free movement. Other complications can be internal and require more extensive surgery. Our medical specialists at The Vascular Birthmark Institute can evaluate your child’s birthmark and make appropriate recommendations.

Aesthetic Concerns

Some common birthmarks pose no risks medically, but appear in highly noticeable areas. This may increase the chances that your child could suffer ridicule or embarrassment. Certain birthmarks that grow on the face, neck, arms, legs or other visible areas are often removed surgically for purely cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.

This is an important concern that is not to be discounted. If self-esteem or confidence would likely be impacted from a visible birthmark, it is worth the parents considering removal for the best interests of the child. One of our specialists can explain more about the impact of visible birthmarks and offer some options.

Specialist Recommendations

All in all, you should consider surgery for your child’s birthmark when it is recommended by a birthmark specialist. Our physicians at The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York are well-versed in many types of birthmarks and how to treat them to allow children and adults to live their best life. We may recommend surgical procedures for treatment or removal of a birthmark, or we may offer other treatment options.

Some other options may involve laser treatments, pharmaceutical treatments or other types of medical treatment. Contact The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York if you or your child’s physician have questions about a birthmark or any necessary treatments for birthmarks. We treat clients from all over the world and can advise you on travel arrangements and answer other questions when you call.

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