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We have compiled as many before and after photos of our patients to show some of the results that we have achieved. Some of the patients are still having treatments and their photos will be updated after future procedures. Every case is different, but we hope that it helps to see photos that might be representative of what your child is experiencing.

Eye Complications

Eyelid hemangiomas can result in blindness and must be seen urgently by a pediatric ophthalmologist. This does not warrant a visit in the middle of the night, but certainly the next working day or as soon as possible. The important message is ‘Do not wait and see what happens’.

The cornea of the eye is partly responsible for focusing an object on the retina of the eye in one plane. If an hemangioma applies any pressure on the eyeball, this can deform the cornea and affect its focusing mechanism. This will result in what is known as astigmatism. Astigmatism will affect the focusing mechanism and the eye will perceive an unfocussed, ‘fuzzy’ image. While this will not be much of a problem to an adult, a child’s optic tract is immature and develops fully sometime after birth. If one eye is normal and the other has astigmatism, the brain will ‘ignore’ the abnormal side and a ‘lazy’ eye will develop. This is a blind or partially blind eye and is known as amblyopia. Apart from astigmatism, an hemangioma that obstructs the visual axis will also cause ambliopia.

Needless to say, any hemangioma of the eye or eyelid, should be evaluated urgently by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Click on an image below to see an enlarged version. Please note that some photos cannot be viewed larger depending upon the size of the originals.