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Timolol is a topical gel forming eye lotion which is used to treat Glaucoma. Since it is of the same family as propranolol (Beta Blockers) this topical solution has been used to treat superficial hemangiomas quite successfully. Although it is applied topically, some of the drug is absorbed into the systemic circulation and it is not fully understood whether the effect of the drug is local, at the applied site or systemic, meaning that the drug is absorbed and its effect is like that of a drug taken by mouth. Since timolol is not effective in treating large compound and deep hemangiomas, it is believed that a good portion of its activity is local. Timolol should only be used to treat very small superficial hemangiomas and since it has been shown to be absorbed, we do not recommend more than two to three drops of topical drug to be applied at any time.