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Pyogenic granuloma is a relatively common skin growth. This skin growth can occur at any age but is most common in children, pregnant women, young adult males, and those taking certain medications and oral contraceptives. These are benign growths, yet they cause a concern not only because of their appearance, but also because they could actually be a form of cancer that mimics pyogenic granuloma. At the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York, we are committed to providing an accurate diagnosis when it comes to all vascular malformations. We understand that an accurate diagnosis leads to the most effective treatment for children and adults suffering from vascular tumors, vascular malformations, hemangiomas, and other congenital birthmarks.

Pyogenic granulomas are small, red, oozing, and bleeding bumps that appear on the skin. They often follow a minor injury and grow rapidly over just a few weeks to an average size of half an inch. They are most commonly found on the head, face, neck, upper trunk, hands, and feet, and they require extreme care regarding treatment and removal. Pyogenic granulomas can be scraped off with an instrument called a curette and then lightly cauterized to decrease the chance that they will re-grow. Laser surgery can also be done for removal. While prevention of scarring is of great concern to our surgeons and specialists, we are also highly concerned with the prevention of preventing these growths from reoccurring.

If you or a loved one has a pyogenic granuloma, please contact the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York. We are the world renowned institute for providing excellent care to patients with vascular malformations and tumors. We will work in coordination with your family’s primary care physician or other medical professionals to help ensure that you receive the most complete care possible.

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