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Treatment for Vascular Tumor

Many infants and children are impacted by various forms of vascular tumors. While many congenital and other vascular tumors are benign, they can cause discomfort and deformity. From the common strawberry mark of an infantile hemangioma, to congenital hemangiomas that can cause bleeding disorders or organ damage, our experts at Vascular Birthmark Institute can offer accurate diagnosis and treatment options at our clinic in New York.

Treatment for vascular tumors varies based on the type of tumor and the impact it has on the child. Some vascular tumors or hemangiomas disappear on their own after several months or a few years. Others may need laser therapy, medication or surgical treatment to limit their appearance and impact on the body. Our team of vascular specialists at Vascular Birthmark Institute offer advanced options in medical care for our patients with different types of vascular tumors. We offer a personalized approach in creating treatment plans that address the patient’s and family‚Äôs concerns.

Types of Vascular Tumors

There are several categories of vascular tumors that can occur, with varieties in each category. To learn more about the differences and treatment options for these main categories, visit the informational pages below on our website:

A RICH is fully present at birth and then begins shrinking very quickly. These lesions may leave redundant skin or a lump which may need surgical removal. Laser is also used for any skin changes.

Our goal at the Vascular Birthmark Institute is to offer the most advanced medical care for our patients with vascular tumors, malformations and birthmarks. We have some of the top specialists in our field on our team, including pioneers in interventional neurology, hemangiomas and vascular anomalies. You can expect world-class medical care when you choose us to care for your vascular tumor or other malady. Contact our office in New York to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists.