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We have compiled as many before and after photos of our patients to show some of the results that we have achieved. Some of the patients are still having treatments and their photos will be updated after future procedures. Every case is different, but we hope that it helps to see photos that might be representative of what your child is experiencing.

Segmental Hemangiomas:

As their name implies, segmental hemangiomas grow to involve one or more segments of the face and body. This relates to the development of the fetus which takes place segmentally. Their involvement is thus more widespread. Segmental hemangiomas behave differently in that their growth pattern differs. They also grow rapidly in the first few weeks of life, but they can continue to grow for much longer periods of time. It is not unusual for a segmental hemangioma to grow for up to 2 years. These hemangiomas ulcerate more frequently and can be locally more destructive. In about 30% of cases, there are other associated developmental abnormalities. These are collectively known as PHACES syndrome. Each of the letters in this syndrome stands for a developmental abnormality. It is important to note that it is uncommon for all of these abnormalities to be present in any one child. Most children with this syndrome will have 2 or 3 of these abnormalities. It is however imperative that all children with a segmental hemangioma be investigated for PHACES syndrome. Up to 30% of children with segmental hemangiomas may have PHACES syndrome.

Click on an image below to see an enlarged version.Please note that some photos cannot be viewed larger depending upon the size of the originals.